Watery Wednesday #70 - Sea Lions

On our trip up the West coast two years ago, we stopped at Sea Lion Caves, in Florence, Oregon. These sea lions, called "Steller" sea lions, can be found from central California all the way to the Bering Sea. This is the only mainland rookery. Otherwise their homes are on rocks off shore. The sea lions call this home year-round. They live in the cave during the fall and winter stormy season, and use the rock ledges during the spring and summer.

It cost $12.00 to view the sea lions. There is a gift shop to browse in. Then you can walk outside and look down the cliff to see the sea lions gathered on the rocks. Here's a photo from high up on the cliff looking down. You can hear the lions bellowing from this distance, AND smell them if the wind is right (or wrong, really!)

Here's with the zoom lens.

These are cormorants on the edge of the cliff.

You can also go down to "the cave" and see the sea lions in their natural habitat. They are quite loud in there AND beware because it DOES stink! But it is pretty cool.

There is a large opening on the side of the cave. This is the view.

This is Heceta Head Lighthouse just north of Sea Lion Caves.

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