Decisions, decisions

The holidays are over, the Christmas decorations are stored away, and we are back in Arizona. Life is good.

The New Year is a time of reflection and wonderment. Reflecting on times gone by - at things you may or may not have accomplished during the past year, and wondering on how time went by so fast and what your future holds. No one really knows what lies ahead for them, but I feel that our way of living is particularly fragile.

This "living-on-the-road" business started out to be a one year trek that has stretched to 5 years (in April). Each January I wonder, "Is THIS the year we settle down and buy a place?"

Don't get my wrong. There are many, many advantages to being on the road, seeing new things, eating in new places, and meeting new people. It's like constantly being on vacation. And that's my point. Don't you sometimes just look forward to getting home after a long vacation?

I really love spending the winter months in Arizona. This is our fifth season here in the same park, and we've made a lot of friends. They are our family away from home. In fact, this IS our second home.

My husband, Jim, who turned 65 in November, has been retired since February 2001. He was recently offered a position with a company who bid on a government contract. If this company wins the contract, Jim would then run the Chicago office. He would have to report immediately. You could imagine the things we'd have to deal with - such as finding a place to live, furnishing it, and what to do with the trailer, just to name a few.

We should hear the decision on the bid any time within the next three months. I'm trying to live with the Que Cera Cera attitude. I have mixed feelings. I would feel sad if we got off the road - yet this would be our opportunity to buy a place. Sometimes living in 400 square feet drives me up a wall. I'm not saying I need a huge place - around 1,000 square feet or so would be perfect - in fact that would seem like a mansion to me! And taking this job means no more Arizona - at least for awhile. The plus side is, of course, financially, and being nearer to my children and family, and a place to call home that doesn't move when you walk in it.

It's this not knowing business that is driving me crazy. If only I had a crystal ball to see the future!

Once I know "yea" or "nay", then I can get on with my life. But until then - it's always in the back of my mind.

So 2010 will either mark the 5th year anniversary of this nomad life - OR - be the year it all came to an end. Stay tuned and ride this wild roller coaster ride with me.

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