Pillows - A whole new way to get forty winks!

Did you hear about the pillow fight that happened 20,000 feet in the air? It occurred on a Lufthansa flight from  Tel-Aviv to Frankfurt. The stewardess started passing out pillows (well, throwing them to the passengers) and they began throwing them back at her (playfully) and a pillow fight ensued. She laughingly took cover in the end. Here's a short clip.

How much more fun would it have been if they used any of these weird pillows that I found available on the internet:

Or how about this one?

Aren't these fun? Here's a photo showing more options:

They are called Chat Room pillows. I think they are cute, although I don't understand all of them. What's n00b mean?

Speaking of weird pillows, I found a whole bunch more. Like this one:

Or, if you were more of a leg man,

Weird, huh? And not to shun the ladies, here's one for us:

Missing your lover? Feel the need to cuddle? Maybe this photo will give you a better idea of what the pillow looks like:

I don't know....give me a blow up doll any day....no halfsies for me.

Do you have an axe to grind with someone? Someone not keeping up on a promise that they made to you? This will teach them!

That's right. The old "horse's head" trick. But without the blood. Works like a charm.
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