Funny Gas Station Names

One thing that I notice in our travels are the funny names for gas stations.

The first place sounds like someplace "Larry the Cable Guy" would visit!

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It's called the "Git 'N Split".

You can also browse in Doctor John's lingerie and novelty store while getting gas. Kind of like one-stop shopping!

What man thinks, "Mmm, I'll fill up the tank and pick up a sexy nightie for the little woman?"

Then there is the ever popular "Kum & Go". Seriously?

Here's the "Pump and Pantry", an affiliate of Sinclair.

This is the "Loaf 'n Jug".  Oh yeah, they DO have gas there, too, by the way!

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The following are gas stations that I have not personally visited, but are worth mentioning.

This is the ONLY gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The gas station is located in Cloquet, MN.

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Here are a couple of short videos about the gas station. They are worth watching!

This second video shows that it is 3 minutes long, but it actually goes black after about 1.46 minutes.

How about this shell-shaped gas station? 

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According to Wikipedia, "This single story Shell station, in the shape of a giant scallop shell, was built in 1930 at Sprague and Peachtree Streets in Winston-Salem. The owners of the oil company decided to attract customers through a series of shell-shaped service stations. They built at least eight in the Winston-Salem area, but the station at Sprague and Peachtree is the only one remaining."

And finally, how cute is this Teapot Gas Station? It is located in Zilla, WA. It is no longer in use. 

According to Wikipedia, "The Teapot Dome Service Station was built in 1922 on what later became U.S. Route 12. The station was intended to be a reminder of the Teapot Dome Scandal that rocked the presidency of Warren G. Harding and sent Interior Secretary Albert Fall to prison for his role in leasing government oil reserves in, among other places, Teapot Dome, Wyoming. The unique service station continued operation as a full service gas station for some years. When Interstate 82 was constructed near Zillah, the station was relocated less than a mile down the Yakima Valley Highway. It is no longer in operation. In 2007, the town of Zillah purchased the station, and is attempting to raise money to keep it operational."

How about you? Do you have any funny/interesting gas stations near you?
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