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It is hard to believe that YouTube was first introduced into society on Valentine's Day, 2005. Who HASN'T watched a video on YouTube? It has grown exponentially since that day.

Recently, YouTube, in connection with the Guggenheim Museum in New York City,

sent a call out to the world for artists to submit their videos. They were looking for creative videos, something that people haven't seen before.

Over 23,000 people responded.

From 90 countries.

A panel of jurors selected a "shortlist" of 200 videos. From THAT list, 25 videos were chosen to be the best. 

On October 21, 2010, the 25 winning videos were announced at a huge party at the Guggenheim Museum. The videos were also broadcast outside on the side of the building.

One of my favorites is called, "Birds on a Wire". A man was reading the newspaper and saw a photo of birds sitting on a wire. The birds reminded him of notes on a scale, so he cut the picture out and converted the "birds" to notes and made music. How creative is that?

Click here for the link to everything you'd need to know. It gives you the background about YouTube/Play, the shortlist, and the links to all the videos. And then, when you have time, just start clicking on some of them and enjoy. They are cool, and they are different.
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