Thanksgiving on "Whiskey Row"

By now your bellies have been filled a few times. You've munched on turkey sandwiches, finished up the pumpkin pies, and swear you can't eat another thing......until tomorrow!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I came from a large family, so holidays are quite special for me. And although I love wintering in Arizona, I sure do miss my family around this time.

Thankfully I have a large group of friends who are my second family, and we all gathered together for the holiday.

Carol and Sandy, who are crazy, wonderful cousins, had an open invitation for Thanksgiving for anyone who wanted to attend the party.

About 40 people wanted to attend.

Everyone was assigned something to bring. Carol and Sandy each made a turkey, and Don, someone who didn't attend (they had other plans) but voluntarily made a deep-fried turkey and donated it to the "cause".


We have some very talented people in the group. They set up an impromptu band and played and sang before and after dinner.

Here are the set up tables, just waiting for the hungry people to feast on their holiday meal.

All the hungry people, where do they all come from?

More hungry people

There's ALWAYS room for dessert!

Then it was time to work all of that food off.

Some chose to dance alone.

Others chose to dance with a group.

And still others grabbed a partner and polkaed down the street. Here are Carol and Sandy kicking up their heels.

Kathy and Don couldn't sit still when that polka music started to play!

And then most people wanted to just sit and soak in the sunshine, good music, and friendship.

Someone had fun with the grapefruits hanging from Sandy's tree.

One gentleman from the next street came over and kidded that he couldn't get any sleep because the music was too loud, so he "might as well come over and try to sleep here!"

And then someone DOUBLE DARED me to lie down next to "Sleepless in Mesa" Man.

I couldn't very well turn that down now, could I?

So, yes, a good time was had by all on Whiskey Row.

Named "Whiskey Row" by the "Mayor" of Twelfth Street - Willard, who passed away last summer. May he rest in peace. I'm sure he was with us in spirit!
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