Things in a row - L thru W

Back by popular demand! Pictures of "THINGS IN A ROW"!

First up - lamp posts

Who doesn't love a marching band? Look at all those legs in a row!

How about some metal tulips? You may not be able to smell them, but you can admire their beauty!

These little beauties are mini steak and cheese sliders. Don't they look cute all in a row on the plate? And YES, they tasted as good as they looked!

How about some motorcycles? True, this is nothing like STURGIS, SD, perhaps, but they still caught my eye, sitting there in a row, all inviting, just begging to be ridden!

Raise your hand if you remember these old milk bottles!

How about rows and rows of blossoming peach trees against a blue Arizona sky?

Looks like a table to seat an army? Close - it was my niece's outdoor wedding. We were just praying for those clouds to disappear!

Baa, baa black white sheep, have you any wool? Sorry, looks like they just got shaved!

Stadium Seats at the Chicago Cubs Spring Facility - Hohokam Field, Mesa, AZ.

Stairway to heaven? Sometimes on a hike, I just can't seem to lift my leg up one more rung in a row!

I wonder what gossip is traveling down these telephone wires?

Look at all those ties hanging from the rafters! This is taken at Pinnacle Peak Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ, where the waiters cut your tie off if you should dare wear one in the restaurant!

I bet these trucks will be busy this next month!

Wind turbines doing what they do best.

Red, or do you prefer white?

Hope you enjoyed this installment of "Things in a Row". I might start a meme for "Thursday's Things in a Row" if I think enough people would be interested. You game?

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