Christmas Gifts - Part Three

Guess what? There are only 47 shopping days left till Christmas!

But there's no need to panic - yet! Because Snooky Bing-a-ling, a.k.a. ME, has been doing her homework. Just look at all the goodies I have dug up for you!

Tape Measure Mat(

Wouldn't this be a great idea for the handy man or the seamstress? This awesome mat would look cute in front of the workbench OR a sewing machine!

Photo Rubik's Cube(

Now this would be an ideal gift for that person who loves to fiddle with things, and was a fan of the original "Rubik's Cube". Think how fun it would be to have the pictures all mixed up and have to sort them out!

Tuna Fish Sleeping bag(

Got a camper in the family? How about a boy scout or girl scout? They'd be a HIT at their camp out with this sleeping bag! And don't worry, it DOESN'T smell!

teacup cupcakes(

Isn't this just adorable? You can bake cupcakes in these teacups! For the person who has everything AND loves to bake!

candy cane shot glasses(

I just love these! Edible shot glasses! It can't get better than this! Take a shot - then take a bite! And their cheap, too! Great grab bag gifts!

shoot a brew cooler(

Now this is a LITTLE BIT extravagant, but boy would YOU be the hit of the party! Or your hubby! This cooler tosses beer cans by remote control! Seriously! Watch the short video below!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pocket Protector (

We all know some geeks who still use pocket protectors, right? Why not add a little humor to their life by giving them a pocket protector that looks like a SANDWICH? It fits into a pocket, can still hold pencils, pens, etc., but will get the co-workers wondering if the geek lost his/her marbles! Oh what fun!

Finger Drums(

Know someone who is constantly rat-a-tat-tatting with their fingers on the table, their legs, wherever, constantly? They never quite fulfilled their dreams to be in a band? Well, here's the perfect gift! A set of drums - but not the expensive ones - just ones for their fingers! These are nice and portable so the "finger drummer" can take them ANYWHERE!

Smoking Mittens(

With the "NO SMOKING" laws passed in just about every state, the poor puffers are forced to smoke their butts outside no matter what the weather. Protect your loved one's hands this winter while they're out hacking up a lung, and buy them this smoker's mitten. It's ambidextrous -  it works on either hand!

Racing Grannies(

Don't know what to buy your Grandma or Grandpa in the nursing home this holiday? I have the PERFECT gift! Why not get them these Racing Grannies? Just think of the fun they can stir up at the ole home! Why, they can even draw numbers on these old biddies' backs and take bets. Maybe your grandparents can bring in enough money to pay for their OWN care!


This is one of my favorite gifts! I love me a nice, evenly cooked, brown marshmallow! Look at this folks! This contraption spins the marshmallow for you - that's all you have to do is hold the stick over the fire! How hard is that? No more flaming balls of fire! This would make a great gift for all the campers in your life.

schwetty balls (

Got golfers? Or should I say, male golfers? Then they need 'em some Schwetty balls! 

This has got to be a take off of that great skit from Saturday Night Life. It's a little raunchy, but hysterical. Watch it if you dare.

snow in a can(http://www.perpetualkid...ow-instant-in-a-can.aspx)

Do you know someone who lives in a warmer climate where it doesn't snow? Would they like a white Christmas? Well, now you can give it to them! That's right! Here it is! The first ever! Snow in a Can! Ta Da! I have no idea how it works.....there some magic chemicals in a bag, pour it in the can, just add water, and then you have snow!

maybe you touched your genitals hand sanitizer(http://www.perpetualkid...tals-hand-sanitizer.aspx)

This is an excellent gift for that special co-worker who you know doesn't wash their hands after using the bathroom. You know the one, but you don't have the nerve to say anything to them? Well, here's your way out. Just give them this gift! Your welcome!

Now get busy, people! Snooky Bing-a-ling has given you a plethora of gift ideas today and here and here! So there are no excuses for not knowing what to buy the peeps on your list! (The link button was not working for some reason - that's why I had to type the whole dang thing out!)
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