Smells like Home to Me

This is the time of the year when the lilacs are in bloom and that heady, floral fragrance permeates the air. I cannot resist cutting a handful of these delicate flowers and putting them in a vase of water. Soon the rooms fill with the lovely scent. It’s even better if the windows are open and there is a soft breeze, for it spreads the aroma into every corner.

The smell of lilacs instantly brings me back to my childhood home.

We had a huge lilac bush next to our back porch. The branches hung heavy with the blossoms, even extending over the fence into our neighbor’s yard for them to enjoy. We’d have vases of lilacs spread throughout the house.

When we kids grew up, we still enjoyed the lilac bush. Mom would telephone and say, “The lilacs are in bloom!” and I’d be sure to come over so I could cut some and take not only a beautiful bouquet to enjoy, but also a little bit of “home”.

These lilacs are from my daughter’s yard. She was lucky enough to have huge lilac bushes in her back yard when she bought her home a few years ago. She and I, along with my granddaughter, Lily, went out to the yard to cut some lilacs.

Jessica leaned over and took a big sniff from the lilacs and said, “You know, Mom, I can’t help but think of Grandma’s house when I smell these.”

My eyes flooded, my throat got thick and I replied, “I know.” I looked down at Lily, parading around with one branch of lilacs in her hand and thought, “Let the tradition continue.”
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