On our way home to IL, we passed a town called “Wahoo” in Nebraska.

Now who wouldn’t want to be from a town called Wahoo?


Remember how I said when we left Arizona that we’d hang our livers out to dry and not drink for awhile? Well, I found a different happy hour that’s just as dangerous/good. Steak 'n Shake Restaurant is offering a Happy Hour from 2-4  pm for half off drinks. And although their drinks do not include alcoholic beverages, they do include milkshakes and soda pop. You heard me. Milk shakes. Thick, rich, calorie-induced milkshakes. To.Die.For.


The temperature this past week ranged from 91 hot, humid and sunny to cold, wet, windy 36 degrees. Note to Mother Nature: This is NOT FUNNY. I can NOT take a joke.


I will never be able to read all the books I want to read in my lifetime. This upsets me.


If the campground doesn’t fix the wi-fi here soon, I will go mad. MAD I tell you! And then I will not be responsible for my actions. I’m just saying.


I hate, hate, HATE commercials. In turn, I love, love, LOVE my DVR. It we had a fire in our trailer, I think I’d grab my computer and my DVR.

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