He's Baack!

You know what? I'm getting awfully tired waking up to someone (or someTHING) knocking on my kitchen window at the break of dawn. Or should I say "pecking?"

We had about a week or so reprieve from this guy:

So when the "pecking" began last week,  that's who I expected to see when I opened the blinds.


This is who was staring back at me.

He flew to the bottom of the window and clung to the one inch ridge and stared me down. I have to admit that I blinked first. It was kind of creepy.

Then he flitted up to a branch. Stared a minute.

Put on his angry face,

Got ready for take off,

and he's off like a bullet!

and then he was at the window!

He did this over

and over again.

Sometimes he just hovered by the window.

Here he is in all his winged glory!

I really don't understand the attraction birds have with my trailer, but I'm beginning to wonder what will be coming next. Thank God these are extinct!

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