Angry Bird

People may be playing the popular video game "Angry Birds", but I'm having my own dealings with a real angry bird.

It started about a week ago. We have a beautiful flowering bush right next to our site at the campground. I knew this could only spell trouble. You may remember Loco Louie, the crazy cardinal who kept dive bombing our kitchen window.

So the other morning when I woke up to a familiar “thump” against the kitchen window I thought, “Say it ain’t so!”

I stumbled to the kitchen, opened the blinds and this is what I saw....... pretending that he didn’t just crash into my window,  just gazing out at the countryside, whistling Dixie.

But then, quickly he changed his position.

He readied for take-off. His tail feathers went, and his expression changed. Doesn’t he look angry?

And he’s off!



Then smack!

He returned to the branch a little stunned.

He did this over,

And over,

And over again.

I yelled out the window, “Look, you idiot, it’s always going to be YOU!”

It didn’t help.

I actually was worried about the little fella.

He was breathing so hard.

Although I swear I heard him say, “I’ll get you, Dorothy, and your little dog, too!”

Which led me to believe he had the wrong trailer altogether. Although I tried to tell him that my name wasn't Dorothy, and that I didn't own a dog, much less one named Toto, he just turned his head and wouldn’t listen to me. Typical male.

Rudy-the-randy-robin dive-bombed my trailer for three days straight. Then it seemed as if I got a reprieve. But then the other day while I was sitting at the table typing on my computer, out of the corner of my eye I saw a big brown blob coming right at the window and BAM! Rudy scared the bejesus out of me! My heart skipped a beat, I said a few choice words, and I caught a glimpse of Rudy sneering at me as he flew out of sight.

You know, I really like the movie Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds,

but I don’t want to LIVE it.

Hopefully Rudy running into my window a gazillion times has knocked some sense into him and made him realize that it was only HIS reflection that he was seeing and not another crazy male bird.

One can only hope.

As for now I have to figure out how to wash off peck marks, bird body slams, and bird poop from my kitchen window.
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