What a difference a day makes!

What's this? The sun was shining, the skies were blue, the clouds were white and puffy. It was a beautiful day. Jim had plans to go flying with our son, Jeff, who has his pilot's license. I gracefully declined. This meant I had most of the day to myself. Do you know how RARE this is? Although I didn't have any vehicle, I planned to take a nice walk and have my camera in hand.

First stop - this humongous tree right next to our trailer.

This is the base of the tree.

Don't think it looks that big? How about now with ME standing inside of it?

I began walking down the long road that led out of the campground.

You know that old saying that "moss only grows on the north side of the tree"? Well, that's baloney. At least in the damp Northwest area! There was moss growing on all sides of the trees.

In fact, moss grows on anything. Cement.

On a rock. I call this "Art on a Rock."

This tree has an unexpected garden on its trunk.

First I found these white little wildflowers.

Then I found what looks like a geranium.

Next I found these ferns.

And finally moss.

All of that growing on one tree trunk!

Everywhere I looked I saw signs of spring. These were hanging from the trees. Does anybody know what kind of trees produce this type of flower?

I saw this wildflower.

And this one.

and some wild daisies.

There is a golf course right next to the campground. I kept hearing "twack!" as the golfers hit the golf balls, and then they'd yell, "FORE!" I was worried that a wildly hit ball would conk me in the head and kill me, and Jim would find my dead on the road with my camera in my hand, like some road kill. Thankfully the balls just bounced off the nearby trees instead of MY noggin.

I've seen these striped reeds before.

When I zoomed in on the reeds, above, I found Mr. Sluggo here.

I was enjoying my walk. Even the dandelion seemed so pretty, whether it was in full bloom,

or gone to seed,

or a whole field of them.

This fallen tree caught my attention. I was tempted to walk across it!

Look at the markings on it. At first glance, it could be a pond with reeds sticking out and their reflections. Then it could be just the log with interesting markings on it. Kind of like an optical illusion where first you see one thing, then the other.

I made my way over to the river that runs along the campground. There are rocks all over the place - the parking area, along the bank, in the river.

Did I tell you how much I love rocks? I used to collect them when I was little, put them in a brown paper bag, and stuff them under my pillow and SLEEP ON THEM. Go figure. Well, I grew up, and STILL love rocks. I still collect them, but I DON'T sleep on them. I found this heart shaped rock.

I thought it was really neat. But it was heavy. I wasn't finished walking yet, so I decided to hide it in case somebody should come along, spy my perfect heart shaped rock and STEAL it. So I hid it behind a cement block, and picked it up on my way back!

I love the way these two tree trunks curve into each other.

I love the long white fence dividing the campground from the golf course.

This is the third time we've stayed at this campground, and I always thought it was funny how their electrical boxes were up on steps like this. It finally dawned on me that this was in case the river floods. Duh. My momma didn't raise no dummy. Just a slow, bottle-blond one.

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