I love I-duh-ho!

Soooo, we've been on the road since April 5th, and can I say that I'm already getting tired of this packing up and setting up the trailer? I know, I know, this is my LIFE, get OVER it, stop WHINING. It's just that when we settle down in a place for FIVE MONTHS, and then start moving every two days, well, it's UNSETTLING. This is when confusion REALLY sets in. I wake up in a different state and time zone every couple of days. Don't expect me to know where I am. Seriously.

There is a lot to see out there on the road, I must say. One of my favorite states to say is "Idaho". Why you ask? Well, because I emphasize "I" "da" "ho". Just makes me laugh. I know. Immature, right? Yeah, well, I've NEVER admitted to being a grown up.

AnyHO, I do love the Northwestern, wide open states like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho. But I sometimes worry about the militia that is supposed to be popular in these states. Especially after I saw a bumper sticker in Idaho that read, "If you trust the Government, go ask an Indian." Well, okay then.

I liked this sign. "Honey, Idahome!"

You know you're driving slow when a semi, pulling TWO OTHER SEMIS, passes you up.

Truly a "Little House on the Prairie".

Do you think things are truly bliss in "Bliss"?

We had to cross the Blue Mountains, located in Oregon. It was a long stretch of a pass, climbing, climbing, climbing, then downhill was long and well, brake-stomping, at times. It doesn't help to see these kinds of signs on the side of the road. There were two previous signs warning of the downgrade ahead.

Dangerous curves ahead!

I love this sign. Just says "ROCKS". Okay. That's the same as saying, "Tree", or "Sky". Why not call a spade a spade and say, "WATCH OUT FOR FALLING ROCKS".

I wonder if this road was named for a reason.

And if you didn't pay attention, you'd be carried down this road in a hearse.

Seriously, where do they come up with some of these names for roads? "BLACK CAT ROAD"? Did one cross their path as they were constructing it and they thought it would be bad luck if they didn't name the road after it?

How about a little Highway Evangelism? I thought this was neat. No need to change the billboard every few months.

Good thing I read that because I felt like I was on the Highway to Heaven here with those clouds reaching down to the road.

I wonder if Hells Canyon ever freezes over?

Can you still go to "Happy Canyon" if you're in a bad mood?

Just look at this gorgeous scenery with the rolling hills.

There's rain in them thar hills!

This is a hardy biker; either that or someone who's too stupid to come out of the rain!


I'll be yours till the cow comes home.

Tomorrow we will reach our destination right outside of Seattle where we will stay for ten days. We will be visiting our son and daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. Great times!
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