Can you say Poulsbo?

Last Friday, Jim and I made a trip with my brother-in-law, Mark, to Poulsbo (pronounced Pulls-bow), often called "Little Norway". It is located on the Kitsap Peninsula. First we drove down to Seattle and the docks at Puget Sound to catch a ferry to Bainbridge Island.

The beautiful Seattle skyline from the ship.

Two brave souls on the deck! It was pretty windy and cool out there!

Mural on the side of a building near where we parked.

Brightly colored buildings line both sides of the main street.

Clothes blowing in the wind.

We ate lunch at Tizley's Europub. The food was delish!

photo courtesy of their web site

Jim and Mark waiting for their beer.

I love this little alley with the clothesline strung across it. I think the colorful clothes are staged, but it's still cute.

I spied this "rock fairy" in the window of one of the stores. I could kick myself for not buying it. You KNOW how I love rocks! Isn't it just adorable?

Nearby were these cute little boots.

This is Sluy's Bakery.

Just take a gander at some of the goodies in their window.

We went inside, and I asked Beau, here, to tell us all their specialties.

This is what we bought. One of their specialties is the cinnamon roll with cream cheese in the middle (red arrow). Another is rosette cookies (green arrow). And the third was the fattigman cookies (blue arrow). Recipes are available on line for the rosette and fattigman cookies.

Mural in the bakery

We stopped in a kitchen store and I was so excited to see that they sold Aebleskiver pans! So I bought my own pan. It didn't come with a knitting needle, but the woman who worked in the shop told me that I could use a fondue fork so I picked up one of those. Now I can't wait to try making some aebleskivers. There is some skill involved.

My brother-in-law, Mark. A true Viking!

After we browsed the majority of the shops we took a stroll by the water. The weather was getting progressively worse - the clouds had rolled in, the temperature had dropped, and it looked like it was going to downpour soon.

There is a nice boardwalk along the water that you can walk off your extra calories you ate at Sluy's.

The boats were all tied up neatly in their slips, waiting for a nice day.

I just loved this weathervane that was atop a nearby building.

These benches just called out for people to sit on and stare out at the water.

Poulsbo is a nice little town to visit, although you do have to pay for the ferry ride. From Seattle you pay for the driver, plus all passengers. From Poulsbo it's one flat rate.

Oh, by the way, my favorite of all the goodies we bought from the bakery? The cream cheese filled cinnamon roll. Yum!
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