Seattle in the Rain

On Saturday we decided to go to downtown Seattle and visit Pike Place Market. Although it was raining, there's one thing I learned about Seattleites. Rain doesn't bother them. The only people who use umbrellas are tourists. Fact.

The Seattle Skyline with brooding clouds and raindrops on the windshield.

I saw this sculpture of an upturned umbrella and thought it was perfect for this city!

As we walked to the market, I came across these two pigeons who didn't look too happy about the weather!

Shopping in the rain.

This piano sits out on the same corner no matter what the weather. I don't know the story behind it, but it was there when we visited two years ago.

Here's a short clip of a guy playing the piano. I don't know if he's the guy playing it in the photo I took, but the video is enjoyable.

Pike Market is famous for its fresh fish. The guys working at the fish shops are famous for throwing the fish across the counter. Watch this quick video and see what I'm talking about.

Some fresh fish

This fish monger looks all innocent as he stands next to this ugly fish.

Then some cute young girls walk by, stop and stare at this fish. I'll zoom in so you can see the sign that says, "Hello, I'm a wonk fish!"

He must have a long tail that they threaded through all that ice, because as soon as those girls stopped to look at it, someone on the other side of the counter yanked that tail so fast and that fish jumped up, the girls screamed and ran. If I had a video of it, I'd win some money on America's funniest videos!

Anything you want, anything you need, is available at the market.

From Flowers

to red hot chili peppers

to fruit.

A fruit monger (is there such a person?) He has a piece of apple on a knife.

Here's a young lady playing her violin in front of the original Starbucks while the bystanders seem to ignore her.

We stopped for a little "pick-me-up" at Crepe de France. Jim and I split this delicious strawberry crepe with whip cream on top. It was delish.

Next up? Bubble Gum Alley. Here is our adorable granddaughter Lauren as she poses in front of a bubble gum dripped window with her beloved dog Buster (who I insist on calling Cuddles for some reason.)

Here's Grandma, Grandpa, Lauren, and Buster in front of billions and billions of pieces of bubble gum.

Out of all the pieces of gum stuck on the wall, Lauren spotted this fortune.

It was surrounded by this lovely pink heart.

Leaving the alley, I saw this funny poster of what I thought was Mr. Potato Head in old age. Although are those feathers sticking out of his rear end? What IS this exactly?

As we walked up the sidewalk, we saw all these posters plastered to the wall. Jim pointed out this one. I checked it out. It is an actual musical!

I like the way the railing is considered a bike rack.

We saw this horse drawn carriage as we started walking home.

I saw the driver carrying a carrot to give to the horse - I assumed! I zoomed in on the above photo. Carrot culprit!

Actually he bit the tip off and then gave the rest to his horse. What, his horse doesn't like the tips, like a kid doesn't like the crust on bread? Or was the man just hungry?

If you ever are in the Seattle, you've GOT to go to Pike Market Place. It's a fun, upbeat, eclectic place.
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