Laughlin in the rearview mirror

We've been on the road a couple of days and are now settled in Brigham City, Utah for two nights. Before I take you along our road trip, I have a quiz for you. This is a close up of something. Do you know what it is?

Does this help?

It is a close up of the "unshaved" part of a palm tree. This is the trunk of the tree, showing the bottom half that is shaved, and the top half that is not shaved. I like the unshaved look, myself. And, no, my own legs don't look like that!

We passed Vegas in a heartbeat; Jim barely batted an eye. Me? My palms were itching but I didn't say a word. We donated enough money in Laughlin.

We drove through and around a lot of rock formations and gorgeous scenery out of Nevada.

This is the Virgin River winding its way around the mountains.

A beautiful ribboned mountain showing off its different layers.

Mother Nature's own cairn.

This is what I call an "uh-oh" sign. This is when Jim puts the truck in lower gear and we still go flying down the mountain. It's like being on a roller coaster ride. Did I tell you that I don't much like going on carnival rides anymore?

You make think I'm holding the camera crooked, but no. It's the ROAD that is slanted. I.Kid.You.Not.

Hold on!

Did you ever wonder where they make Hidden Valley Ranch dressing? Could it be at Exit 88 off of Highway 15 in Nevada?

Who would name a town "Browse?" Do you think people actually stay there long enough to live? Or do they just pass by?

We were still in Nevada when I saw this billboard. Now, I don't know much about guns, but isn't this an AK-47? Why don't y'all come on in and try one on for size! Are they kidding?

I could spot Utah in the distance by the snow covered mountains.

What's that white stuff? Eek! Snow!

I knew we crossed over into Utah. This was the first Mormon temple I spotted in the distance.

I noticed on this farmer's land that he trashed all these cars. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.) Now, I ask you, what possesses someone to say, "You know, I want to junk this car. I think I'll park it way out there at the edge of my land near the ditch." And then he continues to do that. And other people take note. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's public land. I don't think it's a landfill because I didn't see anything else but cars. It's an automobile graveyard.

This is called Seven Peaks Mountain. The clouds were so low that they covered some of the peaks.

This billboard caught my eye.

And this one.

If I were still in town I'd be tempted to go to the expo. Maybe I'd learn more about my husband. What makes him tick. I wonder if I'd have to go incognito? Hmmm.....
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