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I have been busy all day going through our junk to find things to sell at the "patio sales" tomorrow. Since we don't have garages, they are called "Patio" sales.

Our trailer is too cluttered. I told Jim that I want to get rid of the crap that holds our crap. This way we'll have no place to PUT our crap. At least that's the plan. So first I had to sort through a catch-all basket full of papers, cards and what not, before I could put a price tag on said basket. That basket was sitting on a nice wooden magazine rack. I had to sort through all that stuff, before pricing that rack. And so on.

I must have at least 20 pairs of shoes, and I'm not even a shoe fanatic. I'm easily influenced when I go shopping with my friends. The problem is a) I end up wearing the same couple of pairs over and over and b) I have bad feet/ankles so it's really hard to find a pair of shoes that agree with me. I culled through my closet and came up with seven pairs of shoes that I've only worn a couple of times or not at all. One pair I gave to a friend, another pair I decided to keep, and the other five I am going to sell. The majority look brand new.

Next up? My purses. Again, I had a lot of them. Again I wondered why. I am not a purse fanatic, either. Last spring I went shopping with a friend to Goodwill and came back with FOUR purses! I usually carry the same purse through all the seasons. Yeah. I'm not too fashionable! So, I gathered together four purses and a wallet to sell.

When we first hit the road, I brought along AT LEAST 100 paperbacks. But when we are in Arizona, we can use the library, and when we are in Northwestern Illinois I use my friend's library card. So there isn't many months that we are without a library. Why am I carrying all these books around? Well, besides the fact that I absolutely LOVE books. So, I went through all the books, and only kept the ones I really, TRULY, wanted. I bet I have 50 books to sell.

Along with a couple of tables, and other miscellaneous items, I hope everything sells.
We recycle furniture here in the park. One couple bought a new kitchen set and put their old set outside for awhile. Then they decided to buy a new patio set and gave their old kitchen set to another couple. THAT couple had it outside of their house for two years. Now THEY bought a new patio set and just passed that old kitchen set to us to use outside. We have no place to store it, and when we leave here we'll either donate it to Goodwill or someone else can have it. But at least we now have a table to sit at outside.

I hope Jim will sit at our patio sale so I can ride around on my bike and check out the other sales. You know what they say - "One man's junk is another man's treasures." Besides, I have a lot of room now to put some new junk.
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