Things in a row - In a grocery store

These photos were all taken at one of my favorite grocery stores in this area called AJ's Finer Foods.

I will write more about this store in my next post, but let me just say that the produce section is unbelievable. Even if a person didn't like to eat their veggies, they would probably change their mind, because these vegetables look so appealing. You can judge for yourself! Just look at all these asparagus standing at attention!

These apples are all shined to perfection; no bruise or soft spot on a one!

Don't you want to pick a peck of these peppers?

 I mean, seriously. Who displays corn like this? Isn't that gorgeous?

Why is it called red cabbage when it is actually purple? Inquiring minds want to know!

This is just a small portion of the display of olive oil. I wanted to take a photo of just the bottles in a row. The whole display was stunning.

You can buy all kinds of beer from all over the world in these larger bottles.

Salami anyone?

Luckily these cookies were behind glass; otherwise I would have drooled all over them. Wait till you see more from the bakery department!

Coconut truffle anyone?

I will continue my tour through this grocery store in my next post. Sorry I have been absent from blogging and commenting; two of my sisters are in town visiting me. We are having a wonderful time and I have so many things to tell you and photos to show you. I just have to find the time! So please be patient with me for the next few days. Plus our park is having a Variety Show and both Jim and I are in it (two different numbers). So you just KNOW that is blog fodder right there! Stay tuned!
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