A Night at the Opry

My sisters have now gone home and we had a wonderful, fun-filled week together! One night we got tickets for the Arizona Opry. 

Although Jim and I have been coming to Arizona for six winters now, we have never gone to the Opry. I am so glad we went to the show this year AND it's a wonderful place to bring visitors. For $30/ticket, which includes tax and tip, you get dinner and a show. The dinner isn't bad; either you go on a roast chicken night or a beef night. The entertainment is SPECTACULAR!!

The dinner theater is located across from the Superstition Mountains.

The stage with all the musical instruments.

The show opened up with the fabulous and talented Music Director George Staerkel on keyboard.

His name may not ring a bell, but he was the lead singer for "The Tokens" from 1980-1985, who's big hit was "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Bill Wells is a gifted guitar player who strummed those strings so beautifully. It almost made me cry.

Then he came out in a change of clothes and a wig and did the "Evolution of Dance" and made me laugh!

If you have no clue what I am talking about, watch this video on "The Evolution of Dance." It is hysterical!

He also did an Elvis impersonation.

The Barleen twins, Brenda and Barbara.

Brenda (l) plays the drums, Barbara (r), plays the fiddle and keyboard.

Mark Lucas not only plays guitar and sings well, but he also is a GREAT comedian!

Steve Weitz has a voice as smooth as buttah! He certainly was a crooner! Then he came out dressed like Willie Nelson and sounded just like him. No, I take that back. He sounded BETTER than Willie. At least the last time I saw Willie in concert!

Band members:

George (far right) is so talented. At one point they played musical themes from TV shows. George picked up just about every instrument on stage and played it. Including these:

And all of these:

He even played this big honking horn, called the Alpine horn!

The Arizona Opry offers many different shows; a John Denver tribute, Old Time Rock and Roll Show, Country Jubilee, Gospel, four Variety shows, and many different holiday shows. Everyone that I know who has gone to the Opry has raved about it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is in the area for a night of entertainment at a good price.
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