An Upscale Grocery Store

In my last post I teased you with some photos from AJ's Fine Foods.

When you walk in, there is always a beautiful display on the left. On this particular day, the display was all about the upcoming Easter holiday. Look at these sheep gathered at different heights, like on a mountainside.

Don't you just love those nestled pastel bowls on the right? Or how about those small dishes on the left?

Hello cheerful bunny!

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny look quite comfortable sitting there!

The floral department is to the right of this display and was bursting with color and fragrance!

Here is a Bird of Paradise.

A bouquet of yellow daisies.

I'm not sure what this flower is....I thought maybe a Spider Mum, but maybe not. Any suggestions?

Orange lily

Stargaze Lily

I showed you their beautiful produce department in my last post about Things in a a grocery store, but here are a few more shots that I couldn't resist.

Just look at this yellow squash. Isn't it set up beautifully?

Can't you just taste the crispness of these radishes?

AJ's must have some kind of designer set up the various stations because they are a work of art. This was a station "For Steak Lover's". You can see a wooden dresser with the drawers open and bags of Yukon Gold potatoes spilling out. Various steak sauce bottles and spices are displayed along the top, and garlic bread is available in those two large baskets below.

This is the olive oil display with special lighting.

The pasta display had the same wooden cabinet and deco lighting, and showed different shaped pastas, and even BLACK pasta (basket bottom left), which I've never seen before.

A sushi bar is set up on one end of the store. I wonder how many people eat here for lunch!

Their wine "cellar" is endless. Any wine you want.....they have it!

I showed you a small portion of their beer department. Here is a better photo.

The bakery department is comparable to those in Paris. I know. I have been there. These are just a few of the decadent desserts available.

My sisters and I oohed and aahed over everything and finally settled on a small fruit tart (shown to the right in the above photo), a chocolate walnut brownie, a German chocolate brownie, and a cream puff. We also purchased coffee and tea, then gathered our goodies and sat outside in the morning sun to eat our wonderful desserts.

Ann (l), Linda (r)

The shopping center itself is really beautiful with paved blocks surrounding the shopping center, palm trees lining the streets,

and fountains every few hundred feet.

It was a beautiful morning at a gorgeous store with my wonderful sisters! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Some of you asked about me taking photos inside.....not one person said a word to me about it. My sisters avoided me......and I just clicked away!
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