Will somebody please tell me why.......

there are no directories to be found in the mall when you need one?  Jim and I went shopping yesterday to pick up a few Christmas gifts. I had to run into a Hallmark store for a quick item. I knew that store was in the mall, but I had no idea where it was located. I'm not too familiar with this shopping mall in Arizona. No problem. I left Jim walking around in Sears and told him to meet me at Hallmark. I expected to find a directory outside of Sears. Nope. Okay. Well at least at the next major "intersection" of the mall. Nope. Not there either. What the heck? I stood in the center and turned a complete 360 degrees and didn't find a directory ANYWHERE! I had no choice but to walk along the upper level, scanning the stores on both sides, PLUS the ones on the bottom left that I could see. Luckily I spotted the Hallmark store - of course - at the very end. So by chance I was walking in the right direction. But, by golly, where have all the directories gone to?

when using the self-checkout at Wal-mart, you have to put the merchandise in the bags or somewhere on that shelf?  I don't get it. As long as I scan the item properly, why do they care where I put it? I mean, okay, I'll put it in the bag, but when that bag is full, I can NOT remove it from the area and place it in my cart or else bells and whistles will go off and lights will flash and the next thing you know, I'll be on that website, "peopleofwalmart.com" under the category of "stupid" or something (if there is one). So let's say you want to scan 20 items. All 20 items have to fit in that small area; whether it's 1, 2, or 3 bags. What if I had a large order? Even if I don't want to use a bag, I STILL have to set the item down in that area. Grrrr!

I never heard about "Cyber-Monday" until Tuesday? Have I been living in a hole or what? In case YOU don't know what that means, Cyber-Monday means many good deals/buys on the internet, similar to Black Friday at the stores. Who knew? Apparently NOT ME! And here I was, shopping the sales on Friday on line. I wonder if I would have gotten even BETTER deals on Monday?

Is there anything YOU need to have explained to you?
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