Paths of Flight - Awesome Video!

This is such a cool and unbelievable video. A crew filmed airplanes taking off and landing over a course of 24 hours, then combined it into a clip less than 2 minutes. It shows the beautiful choreography in the sky that most of us are totally unaware of, whether we are on the planes themselves, or on the ground.

  • The number of airplanes filmed for this video. - 63
  • The number of airplanes in the sky every hour in the US. - 5K
  • The number of hours spent filming airplanes for this video. - 24
  • The number of airplanes operating in the US skies every day. - 50K
  • The number of flights the crew took to film airplanes. - 13
  • The number of people (in millions) that flew in airplanes in 2010. -  621
  • The percentage of US airspace covered by radar. - 90%
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