Ring in the Holidays!

Yesterday was our annual Christmas parade here at Val Vista Resort. We gathered together at a friend's house for hors d' oeuvres and drinks and sat and waited for the parade to go by.

Imagine waiting for a Christmas parade and getting a visit from a hummingbird!

A local boy scout troop was the Grand Marshal of the parade.

They were followed by creatively decorated golf carts like this one.

and this gingerbread house.

The line dancers kicked up their heels,

And the Drillettes did, too. Leading the pack was my crazy friend, Pat.

Then there were Frosty the Snowman and the Missus.

And Mr. and Mrs. Santa "Paws" and friends.

Music provided by the "Kitchen Band", who played goofy instruments like strainers, funnels, and empty bottles.

This old horse has been in every parade for as long as I can remember. I don't know how old it really is, but it must be okay since it walked the whole parade!

Next came the tennis team, showing off their skills with their bouncing balls!

After the parade they showed off their sexy legs!

Of course, the star of the parade was Santa Claus!

After the parade we went to the ballroom for dinner and entertainment. We were going to be served by these lovely people.

Our meal was beef stew in a bread bowl,

and dessert.

The hall was decorated so beautifully. Take a gander at our gorgeous, tall (approximately 14') Christmas tree!

After dinner, we were entertained by the Desert Valley Christian Ringers, which consisted of 14 handbell ringers. The show began with the members ringing their bells as they entered the hall from both doorways.

They all took their place on stage, and the magic began.

I know this one is slightly blurred, but I like the movement of the bells.

You notice in this photo, the man is actually banging on the bell like a drum to get a different sound from the bell.

The show closed with the handbell choir playing Christmas songs, and the audience sang along.  Here is a video of the choir playing "Parade of the Tin Soldier". This was taped at another performance; not at Val Vista.

If you would like to watch more videos on this group, or read more information about them, please click the link for their website.
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