Things that Piss Me Right the Heck Off - Part Deux

When Grocery Carts

a) stick to each other and I can't get them apart no matter how hard I try and pull on them.

b) have one wheel that has a mind of it's own and goes in a different direction from the other wheels, and

c) have garbage left in them from the last shopper. C'mon, PEOPLE, throw your garbage OUT!


When my husband doesn't believe something is true unless he, himself, has seen it, experienced it, tasted it, etc. Otherwise? It just DIDN'T happen.

This makes me FURIOUS.

Case in point.

These are the handles for the hot and cold water in our shower stall.

The plastic piece on the left handle keeps flying off (hmmmm - "flying off the handle" is THAT where it came from?) when I go to turn off the hot water. That little sucker ricochets in our teeny tiny shower and one day it's going to break our glass shower door. EVERY DAY I have to contend with screwing that little handle back in.


The other day Jim happened to be in the bedroom when I was taking a shower (they're both in the same area.) The handle went flying and I screamed, "WHEN ARE YOUR GOING TO FIX THIS DAMN HANDLE?!"

"What are you talking about?"

"It keeps coming off!"

"Well, it NEVER happened to ME!" He replied.

Ah. So that means it NEVER happened.


Going to the movie theater and

a) paying outrageous prices for stale popcorn and pop in cups SO LARGE that if you drank it all you would wee-wee all the way home,

b) now having to sit through commercials, COMMERCIALS, before the movie starts!! I'm not talking previews, which I love, but COMMERCIALS,

c) putting up with people talking during the show. I'm not talking a quick, "What did he say?" question. I'm talking laughing, gabbing, texting, and phoning during the show,

d) not having the guts to tell the above people to "SHUT UP!"

e) wondering, "WHY DOES THE SOUND HAVE TO BE TURNED UP SO LOUD?" I have such sensitive ears and I swear by the end of a movie, especially one with special effects, I'll have blood dripping from my ear drums, it's SO LOUD.


What do these two bottles have in common?

I can't open them.

They are "twist" off.

The only thing they do is "PISS" me OFF. So if I were dying of thirst, the only way I could get something to drink was if my husband was home to open the bottles.

Well, I suppose I could just drink tap water.

There's that.

But the water in this campground is DREADFUL. It's RUSTY. It's SMELLY.

So, no, I won't be drinking it anytime soon.

I wanted some of that juice this morning. I couldn't open it. Jim was out taking a walk. So I went without juice.


And those water bottles - not only can't I open them, but they are making them so cheap now that when you go to grab them the plastic indents and I end up squirting water all over. PLUS why do they have to fill the water up to the very brim?

Go ahead. Lecture me about buying bottled water. About filling the landfills.

I KNOW. But even though we have a water filter system, it cleans the water enough to BATHE, but I don't cook with it, let alone drink it. So, alas, we have to buy our water.

Why can't they make bottles with that little plastic strip for easy off lids like they do milk cartons?



What has been pissing YOU off lately?

NOTE: Thanks to all of you for your concern about me yesterday with my toe. I am feeling MUCH better today - I can walk with a slight limp. By tomorrow I will be as good as new, or as good as "slightly used", oh, hell, who am I kidding, as good as "rode-hard-and-put-away-wet-but-still-has-SOME-life-left-in-her" new.
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