It's been hotter than Hades

here, but even if I lived near Knot's Berry Farm in California, I STILL wouldn't go on the Pacific Spin ride and here are three reasons why:

"The ride’s enormous slide sucks riders through a 132-foot long tunnel and at 35 feet per second, drops them 75 feet

and into a six-story funnel. About 5,500 gallons of water tosses riders back and forth in the funnel (that little yellow blob is actually a raft with FOUR people riding in it!)

before dumping them into a waiting catch pool."
Per The Orange Register.

1) I'd have to wear a bathing suit,

2) I'm afraid of water, and

3) I'd have to weigh in before entering the ride. Granted I'd weigh in as a GROUP. The weight total doesn't show up - only three different colored lights: The red light means a group is too heavy. A yellow light means a group of up to four is under 700 pounds, light enough for one of the ride’s four-seat rafts. A green light means a group is under 400 pounds and can ride a two-seater. Riders are not allowed to go solo.

Only the ride operators will see the lights. No where did I read what they do if the group is too heavy. Banish them to the end of the line? Put them in a dungeon and starve them till they're the correct weight? Sacrifice one of the group members? What happens, exactly?
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