Top Ten Reasons Why I Won't Let Jim Buy a Harley

10. Chaps would make me look fat.

9. We'd have to get matching tattoos.

8. Leather makes me sweat.

7. Jim would want the $35k Ultra Classic Electra Glide Bike

6. I would go for the $27k Street Glide TRIKE

5. They don't carry fringed leather bras in my size.

4. I don't like bugs in my teeth.

3. Jim doesn't look good in a bandanna.

2. He would trade in our 40 ft. trailer for one of those little trailers to pull behind the bike and where in the heck would I put all my junk?


So he can't wear this shirt

We are currently in Sturgis, SD, the motorcycle capital of the world, where one week out of the year, more than 100,000 motorcyclists swarm into this town for a week of fun, drinking, riding, and yes, debauchery. I've never been to a rally, but from looking over the events calendar, a good time will be had by all.
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