Lovely Little Lily

This is one of our main reasons to come back to Illinois. Meet our granddaughter, Lily.

Named Lilith Winter (the Winter is in honor of her Great Grandmother's maiden name), Lily is now 16 months old and a pure bundle of joy. I have NEVER seen a happier child. And I know, at this point, most of you are rolling your eyes and thinking, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, typical Grandma talking here" but it is true. Many, many people have told my daughter that Lily is such a good baby. In fact, I often warn my daughter.

"You know, Lily is NOT like a typical baby. Don't think ALL babies are like this. Your next baby (whenever that will be) might be a wild child!"

Lily loves to play peek-a-boo with Grandpa's hat. We bought Lily her own hat. Here are a sequence of photos that show some of her personality with her red hat on.

Lily is constantly jabbering. She does say about 20 words, not including the words that she parrots from everyone. She can say the normal Momma, Dada, hi, bye. Also kitty, doggie, luv ya, nigh-nigh, gamma, among others. The other day I taught her "yellow", but she says "el-lo". I was feeding her green beans and she smushed them on her highchair and said, "don't like!"

As soon as Lily hears music, she starts to wiggle. Her head bops from side to side, she lifts her shoulders up and down, and wiggles her body back and forth. She really likes Bob Marley!

Lily wasn't progressing in the crawling/walking department as well as she should have been. I was getting concerned, as were her parents. My daughter, Jessica, mentioned it to her pediatrician a few times, and the doctor said, "Oh, let's wait a few months." I would get angry and tell my daughter that she needed to get another opinion. Lily wasn't crawling at a year old; she wasn't on her knees and rocking. She couldn't stand up; in fact, she wouldn't even put her legs down if you held her by her arms. Something was wrong.

My daughter took Lily to another doctor. She examined Lily and didn't see any outward problems. She recommended that Jessica bring Lily to Easter Seals for evaluation. Long story short, Lily has low muscle tone throughout her body, her trunk being the weakest. The low muscle tone extends to her jaws which has created problems with her chewing and swallowing. She gagged and choked a lot while eating.

Lily now receives both physical and speech therapy through a State program. She has shown great improvement these past few months. She can stand for a minute or two while holding on to the coffee table, or up against the couch. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks and has crawled a couple of inches. She does get around by doing the "army crawl", too.

Her eating has improved with different exercises such as sucking through a straw, biting from a sandwich, and eating from a bigger spoon.

We love this little girl with all our heart. We pray that she grows up to be a strong young woman.

How can you not love this adorable little human being?

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