I'll take mine with butter, please

This is the famous Corn Palace located in Mitchell, South Dakota. Basically, it is a building that has exterior walls designed in corn and other grains. These designs change every year.

This year's theme is entitled, "Through the Ages", and deals with the topic of transportation. I didn't take photos of EVERY mural, but here are a few samples:(Click to enlarge any photo for more details)

More than 500,000 people visit the Corn Palace each year. The inside is used for local basketball games, community services, or special occasions. So what else to 500,000 people do in the town of Mitchell? Well, they could go shopping in the little stores typical of tourists traps everywhere.

I thought it was funny to read that the Corn Palace had received a grant from Homeland Security back in 2004. God forbid that terrorists should decide to bomb the palace. That would be a shitload of popcorn to clean up.
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