Old hippies, old ladies, and rompers, oh my!

Yesterday we packed up all our cares and woes and were ready to hit the road by 10:00 a.m. We weren’t in too big of a rush since we were only driving two hours southwest to Utica. Jim backed that mother of a trailer up with no problems. As we drove away from our spot, the old hippie from across the way yelled out to us to have a safe trip. I really don’t know how old the guy is, but he looks like he’s been “rode hard and put away wet”, as my husband likes to say. He’s got gray hair and dons a bandanna when he hops on his Harley and rips out of the campground.

At night he likes to blast heavy metal music – it’s so loud that I can hear it in our trailer, when both our TV’s are on, AND our windows are closed. Either he’s getting deaf in his old age, OR he likes his music LOUD. I was so surprised to see an older woman standing next to him when we drove by. I assume it was his wife (or common law wife). I have never seen her before. She tolerates that music, too? I made a comment about her age to my husband, and he replied something along the lines that she dyes her hair just like me! I wanted to smack him! She had to of had a good 15 years on me! Okay, maybe 12 AT LEAST!

We turned left out of the campground and headed down the country road. We come across two old broads wearing these.

I thought these went out in the 70’s. Apparently not. My husband and I looked at each other incredulously. He said, “Did you see their outfits?”

I said, “I saw the one woman in the white romper.”

The other woman was wearing a purple one. Nice. The woman in white was wielding a pole digger. I guess someone must have knocked over their mail box and she was trying to dig a new hole for it. I don’t know if they were dressed this way hoping some trucker and/or farmer would take pity on them and help them or what. The country road we were on was semi-busy, so good luck to them with that. But that’s all I could think of as we drove by is what my brother likes to say, “That’s something I have to poke out of my mind’s image!”

It’s a nice drive out to Utica since we take a lot of back country roads through small towns. One town boasted a Taco Bell that had on its sign, “Oooh Yeah, tacos”, that I thought was kind of cute.

We passed the Mendota Hills Wind Farm near Paw Paw, IL. It's really something to see as you're driving by on Route 39. There are 63 wind turbines spread over what seems like a couple of miles. Each wind turbine stands 214 ft tall and has three 85 ft long blades.

We're now settled back at our old spot at Hickory Hollows in Utica. I wonder if Loco Louie will be back? As long as he visits between the hours of 9-5 I'm okay with it.

The soybeans in the farmer's field behind us have gotten so big. It's funny how they grow so evenly.

Of course, we just HAD to run over to see our grandbaby, Lily. She was a little leery at first, but warmed up to us within minutes.

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