We're pulling up roots

I'm feeling a bit melancholy today. It's our last day in the area. Tomorrow, September 1st, we will be packing up and heading about 2 hours south of here to be near my daughter. I always feel a little sad when I leave a place that we've stayed at for awhile. I guess my roots are hurting me. This campground is somewhat near our old home, so it's nice to catch up with my friends, and be around familiar surroundings, and to be near family.

I like to walk over to see the moo-cows at the pasture next to the campground whenever I feel like it. Sometimes they come over to see me; other times they ignore me.

I'll miss Tranquility Pond across from us with all the geese. I've learned to walk around their poop. I've gotten used to waking up to their honking as they fly over our trailer.

On the plus side, I'm excited to see my grand daughter, Lily.

That first year just flies by. We'll be spending a month in the area (central Illinois) and then head out October 1st on our way to Albuquerque, NM for the hot air balloon fiesta.

September will fly by, I am sure. Things I will do during this month:

1. Visit Rip's Chicken

2. Hike in Starved Rock State Park

3. Go back up to Northwestern suburbs of Chicago for 11 days of dog-sitting two hounds - one of which is 100 pounds of Marley-and-me mischievous fun loving still a puppy golden retriever; the other a 65 pound on-it's-death-bed Collie. I would only do this for my brother. Lot's of blog fodder, I'm sure. My husband wants no part of this so his is bacherloring it that week and a half, and I'm, well, I'm not exactly alone, am I?

For those of you who signed up to follow me because I travel - starting October we'll be hitting the road and there will be lots of posts about the places we see. Last April we traveled the Natchez Trace, which runs from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. You can read about my travels in the older posts of April and May.

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