Will you marry me?

There are many ways for a man to propose marriage. The most conventional way is on bended knee; either the couple is alone, or surrounded by friends and family. A fancy dinner is usually on the agenda, too. What must be going through this young man's head? He's pretty nervous, I bet. What if she says no? Things can go wrong with the proposal. Here's some funny, good, and bad proposals.

Reed Harris was going to ask his girlfriend, Kaitlin Whipple, to marry him, on a Wednesday night at a fancy restaurant. But when the ring arrived on Tuesday, Reed was so excited, he decided to wing it and so he shoved the engagement ring in a Wendy's Frosty. You heard me. Reed and Kaitlin, along with their friends, had stopped at Wendy's after a class they had taken. The friends were in on the big "question". The women wanted to speed things up a little, and challenged Kaitlin to a race of eating the Frosty. Can you picture what happened? Yep! She swallowed the ring! She didn't even feel the ring, though Reed claims it wasn't all that small. They went right to the hospital where x-rays were taken.

When they got home, Reed got down on one knee, and holding the x-ray showing the ring in her stomach, asked Kaitlin to marry him. She said yes. On Thursday the ring "passed" through her. She got it cleaned, and wears it proudly.

What do you get when you mix a wheat farm, large plastic letters, and a small plane? The makings of a marriage proposal. Jason Kahle took his 23-year-old girlfriend, Aleasha Decker, up in his father's plane with the excuse of photographing some relatives' house in Kalida, which is located 60 miles southwest of Toledo, OH. Jason's dad flew the plane. Aleasha looked out the window and there, spelled out in 20 foot plastic letters on top of a harvested field, read, "Aleasha, marry me?" When she turned around, Jason had the ring in hand. Aww. Now here's a guy who did some planning and it turned out okay.

Then there's the guy who popped the question in front of his brother's casket because he knew his brother was looking forward to seeing him get married. Seriously? Don't you find that a little odd?

This guy gets the A-hole Award. He told his girlfriend he would only marry her if she went through the Army Reserves to improve her self-esteem.

One woman was so shocked after being proposed to that she fell off of a cliff. She and her boyfriend were hiking on the Billy Goat Trail in Maryland when he popped the question. She slipped and fell approximately 10 feet down a rock face and a helicopter had to be called in to rescue her. She briefly lost consciousness, but luckily her injuries weren't life threatening. Talk about getting off to a rocky start....

Meet Lefkos Hajji.

He picked out a special ring for his bride-to-be and paid a whopping $12,ooo for it. His bright idea was to put the ring inside of a helium balloon, then "pop" the question to his girlfriend and hand her a pin. You know what's going to happen, right? As he walked out of the store, a gust of wind snatched the balloon out of his hand.

Lefkos, 28, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I just watched as it went further and further into the air. I felt like such a plonker. It cost a fortune and I knew my girlfriend would kill me.”

He chased the balloon for two hours in his car and eventually it soared out of sight. His girlfriend refuses to speak to him until he gets her a new ring!

So let's say you want to try something really romantic for your marriage proposal. You decide to take the love of your life for a stroll on the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge. The beautiful city of New York is the back drop for this romantic scene. Everything seems perfect. You grasp your girlfriend's hand, look her in the eyes, get down on one knee, reach into your pocket for the ring box, open it up, and watch in horror as the ring seems to take on a life of it's own and tumble right out of the box and falls through the cracks of the walkway down to the next level of the bridge. OH NO! What do you do? Why, save the ring of course! But instead of going safely down the rest of the walkway, you choose instead to climb over the side, and down the bridge tower as passing motorists shout out to you not to jump. By the time you reach the next level, the Police Suicide Prevention Van pulls up and tells you to calm down and not to jump. Does this sound like it could only happen in a movie? Unfortunately, it really happened to Don Walling and his girlfriend, Gina Pellicani.

“I just kept telling them, ‘I need to get that ring. I have to get that ring,’ ” Walling said. “I lied to them. I said, ‘It’s 10 feet away.’ ”

Even the police got in on the act and held up traffic while Dan searched.It took him just a few minutes to find the ring with Gina's help from above. Although the platinum band was damaged, the one-carat main diamond and four satellite stones were not.

If you are really at your wits end as to how to make a clever proposal, why not try it via a wooden puzzle?

The advertisement states:
Just imagine now, you present your girlfriend (boyfriend) with a very special puzzle that you personally had custom made for this memorable occasion. You know that in the puzzle there are 4 very special words. "Will You Marry Me" cut into 1, 2 or 3 individual puzzle pieces. Safely tucked away into your pocket for safe keeping.

"OH NO!" she exclaims, "we are missing the last piece!". The opportunity has presented itself for you to be the hero and to lower yourself to one knee to find that renegade puzzle piece. Sliding your hand into your pocket to retrieve the special piece that was there all along, you present it to her either with, or without the diamond ring. A true moment of surprise will have been fully accomplished, and the rest will be history in the making!

And finally, never, EVER, propose in front of a huge crowd. You just might be turned down.

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