Which door should I choose?

Okay folks. I am saying it now. I am sick and tired of the cutesy names on the bathroom doors at restaurants. It has gotten way out of control. When it gets to the point that when I go to the bathroom and I have to pause and study the names on the door to figure out what I am before entering, it has got to stop.

One time, while eating at the Outback Restaurant, I needed to use the facilities. To my dismay I was confronted with two doors. One said, “Sheilas”, the other said “Blokes”. I wasn’t quite sure what I was. So I had to rush back to my table and blurted out to my husband, “Quick! What am I? A Sheila or a Bloke?”

“Sheila,” He smirked.

I quickly ran and entered door number one.

Give me the “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” signs, or “Women” and “Men” signs. Heck, I’ll take the universal sign of the lady in the blue dress.

If that is too sexist, we could put the little blue man on the women's door and just add a couple of ta-ta’s to him. I don’t care. But please, please can we do away with these?

Gulls and buoys

Roosters and hens

Setters and pointers

Guys and dolls

Those weren’t too hard to figure out. It’s when you’re in an Italian, German, Spanish, etc. restaurant and the names on the bathroom doors are in a different language. Who can remember back to your high school days of Spanish 1, or German 1? C’mon folks. I need to PEE. Just slap the lady in the blue dress on the door and be done with it.

Here are some bathroom signs from all over the world. They are very inventive. Again. Listen to me people. Blue lady=international sign. It works. Here's even one of the blue lady doing the pee-pee dance. I love it!

I, myself, didn't personally experience these, luckily, because I'd still be standing in front of them with my head to the side thinking, "WTF?"

Here's one from somewhere in Iran:

Here's one in Turkey:


This one truly puzzles me. Top left - proper way to use the toilet. Top right - are those SPLASH lines? So no peeing in the toilet? I guess they want you to use the urinal. Middle left - WHAT? No praying to the porcelain god? You're not allowed to vomit? Middle right - Do you know ANYBODY who sits like that on the toilet? Bottom left - Seriously. Fishing? And exactly WHAT would you be fishing for might I ask? Bottom right - Let me say right now - if a man can balance on one leg and bend over like that and pee AND hit his mark? I would PAY to see that. Because it seems that normal men balanced on two feet have a problem with that.

Obviously only men on Viagra and women with silicone breasts are allowed to enter these restrooms!

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