Construction Zone

They say that there are two seasons in Chicago: winter and construction. But it seems that there is construction wherever I go. I find it funny that they have to post the sign:

in advance, warning women drivers so they won't be shocked when they actually see MEN WORKING, causing them to drive off the road.

It's nice to see more and more women working in construction. I wonder if they do this when THEY see a cute guy walking down the street.

I, myself, would feel a little self-conscious standing before God and everybody holding a sign above my head that said, "SLOW".

You might envy the construction workers on a gorgeous day while you're cooped up in a stuffy office, but picture those same workers looking like drowned rats during a downpour.

Did you ever notice that the construction cones

look an awful lot like dunce caps?

And that's exactly what I feel I should be wearing when I'm driving and they change the traffic pattern, especially if I'm leading the pack. What if I'm leading them astray, like a bunch of lemmings off of a cliff?

What if we all get off the exit instead of staying on the highway? I especially hate when I'm driving on a three lane highway that suddenly turns into two lanes - one on the right and one on the left - with a big whopping arrow pointing in both directions. Shit! Shit! Shit! I feel like I'm on Let's Make a Deal and I have to choose between Door #1 and Door #2.

When I see the sign that reads "Dip in the Road", I can't help but think they are somehow referring to me.

Last year, while driving through the mountains, we came across a sign on the side of the road warning us of animals crossing. At first we couldn't identify the animal in the picture. It kind of looked like a horse, yet not so much. We realized it was supposed to be wild mules. I didn't get a picture of the sign, but I was lucky enough to get a quick photo of the mules. It's a little blurry since it was taken out the window going 55 mph.

Here are some interesting signs from across the world of animals to watch out for that are crossing the road:

This is a frill neck lizard in Australia. If I saw one of these crossing the road, I'd turn it into road kill.

This is an elephant crossing sign from Thailand.

This sign is from the United Arab Emirates

This Bigfoot sign is actually located in the United States, I believe in Washington State.

Here's one of a polar bear who didn't read the sign.

In case you are ever in Sweden, this is their version of a dead end sign:

And finally, our fine tax dollars at work.

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