Observations from a lawn chair Part II

Autumn can’t be too far away. I spied this leaf in the grass right on my site. Isn’t it beautiful? It looks like lace, doesn’t it?

I was outside typing for my blog, when I heard this constant chirping. It sounded like a baby bird. I scanned the grass around me and spied this little momma sparrow feeding her baby who squawked constantly! I thought, “My God, give her a break, will ya?” And as you can tell by the pictures, the baby is BIGGER than the mother. I KNOW! What’s THAT all about! The baby would chirp, chirp, chirp, and the mother constantly looked for food to satisfy her baby.

I took a walk to see my moo-cows and say hello. There are a lot of babies this year. This little guy either didn’t care that his sibling was lying there, or he’s clumsy because he stepped over him and tripped. The other calf didn’t even pay attention to him.

I took about 100 pictures of a momma cow bathing her baby the other night. The poor calf was soaking wet in spit. That’s talking it one step too far than spitting on a Kleenex and wiping your kid’s face with it!

As I mentioned before, we have a lot of bull frogs in the pond across from us. I’m trying to get some pictures with shutter priority for a photography class I’m taking. I thought it would be great if I had some photos of the frogs jumping across the pond. So I set up my camera on a tripod and zoomed in on the frogs. Here are a bunch of them just hanging out.

Usually if I walk along the edge of the pond the frogs let out a little squeak and leap into the pond. So I figured that if I were to throw some stones into the area where these guys were hanging out, they’d leap they’re little hearts out. Wrong. I grabbed a couple of stones. Threw them near the area. Nothing. What the heck. I stamped my feet. Nothing. I pretended I was walking in the grass. Real loud like. Nothing. I don’t have a remote for my camera so I couldn’t go far from it. I’d slowly move the tripod closer to the frogs. Some would jump. One frog refused to move.

I called him Brutus and pleaded for him to jump so I could get his picture. I finally edged the tripod closer and he jumped but I wasn’t ready. @###$$##$#!! So I have to engage my husband into this experiment and set up the tripod and camera and then have him walk along the pond.

I like the way the feather caught on these daises.

Or this specimen of a feather left after a good preening from a goose.

I was surprised to find this guy in the pond. I think he’s a crayfish/crawfish. Isn’t he? He’s a big boy - about two inches long!

And guess who decided to grace us with his presence? I was so excited to see this gentle giant at the pond later in the day. He has an awkward walk, almost as if he’s sneaking up on somebody.

In this photo he’s leaning so far back that it looks like he’s playing limbo, but without the stick!

So I did leave my lawn chair for a little spell, but these were still observations nearby.
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