Super Bowl XLV Party

Our park sponsored a Super Bowl party here on Sunday. A $5 ticket bought you a hot dog with all the trimmings and all the beer you could drink.

The ballroom was filled with football fans.

Or people who liked to party!

Here is our table filled with friends and food.

That's Mike staring off into space. I don't know if he's dreaming of who was going to win the game, or drinking his next beer!

The table next to us had great appetizers!

 This is what happened when I suggested they share them with us!

I tried.

I really didn't care who won the Super Bowl, since my Chicago Bears didn't make it. But it turned out that we had someone pretty special at the party who is a resident at our park.

His name is Ed Sprinkle. He played for the Chicago Bears from 1944-1955. He has been called "The Meanest Man in Pro Football" and his nickname is "The Claw".

Of course, now, at 87 years old, he looks like a pussycat.

This is my son, Jason, with "The Claw".

We had our own pre-game entertainment. Dancing to "We Will Rock You" by Queen, here are some volunteers from our park kicking up their heels.

Here they are encouraging the crowd to join them in singing the chorus, "We will, we will ROCK YOU!"

Curtis sang his rendition of "Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?"

Let the game begin!

Jim was cheering for the Packers.

Jason was for the Steelers.

We know who was happy with the outcome!

I personally loved the commercials. Here are my top two favorites:

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