Tidbits from Trailer Pat

It's that time again for me to bestow some helpful hints to you, my lovely followers.

This first one I found in Real Simple magazine. You've heard of "Beer Can Chicken" where you shove a half full can a beer up a chicken's, er, butt and then roast in the oven or on a grill?

Well, this is a little more sophisticated. Not that there's anything wrong with Beer Can Chicken, or Butt Chicken, mind you. It's delish. But this new way has a bonus. You can roast vegetables along with the chicken.

That's right. Chicken-in-a-bundt-pan. First you layer potatoes, carrots and onions on the bottom of the pan. Then season the chicken and place in the pan with the cavity over the center hole. Be sure to set the pan on a cookie sheet to collect any drippings and roast as usual.

I, myself, haven't tried this because my convection oven is too small in my trailer. So one of you try it and let me know how it turns out. I bet it would be great!

This is a problem that women don't want to talk about, but it happens.

That unwanted hair.

On your chinny-chin-chin.

It's especially bad when you don't notice it until you're sitting in the car and the sun is shining on your face and you happen to glance in the rear view mirror and let out blood curdling scream because you see a werewolf looking back at you.

Okay, maybe it's not THAT bad, but it's pretty bad when you find a hair that's about an inch long that seemed to grow overnight.

And it's BLACK.

And it has a few buddies scattered here and there around him.


Well, ladies, don't fret. I have the PERFECT solution.

It's called "Finishing Touch" hair removal and it works like a charm. It's a little hand held, battery operated tool, smaller than a tooth brush, that you just run across your chin, upper lip, or anywhere else you have unwanted hair, and Wha-lah! Hair-be-gone!

My sisters turned me on to this little beauty secret. It ranges in price from 8.99-9.99 and is available at Ulta, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, and I'm sure many other places.

I picked one up at the Ulta Store when I was out shopping with my friends. I turned them on to this little beauty trick while driving home in the car. Norma oohed and ahhed from the back seat while shaving her chin. Then I handed it our driver, Kathy, who was kind enough to wait for a red light before she trimmed up her hair! I just blew off all my friends' excess chin hairs and then ran the shaver along my face. By the time we got home we were all as hairless as this:

Let me know if you like the Finishing Touch!

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