If you plan it, they will come

When my son, Jason, came down to visit us, I decided to have a bocce ball party so that my friends could meet him.

We have a beautiful bocce ball court here in the park. Looks like something straight out of Italy.

Not that I've ever BEEN to Italy, but it's what I imagine it would like look.

Here are the bocce ball courts.

That patio is quite nice, too.

I invited about 40 people; maybe 32-35 showed up. Everybody brought something to share whether it was an appetizer, side dish or dessert. We were providing the hot dogs.

Just look at the gorgeous stone bar that we set the food up on.

Jim was the official wiener cooker. There was a huge gas grill set up behind the bar.

He grilled up 60 hot dogs, and only 2 were left over!

Some people just sat around, relaxed and talked.

Some people played bocce ball.

Here is Shannon giving it a whirl for the first time.

I'm not sure if Don had just released that ball, or if he was watching as it crossed the white line and came towards him.

This is Harold throwing the ball. What's so significant about that? He is blind. Ray was coaching him as to where to throw the ball. Last year Harold BEAT ME in bocce ball. Does that tell you how much I suck at this game?

Serious business. Viv helps Jim measure the distance of the red ball while Pat stands in the background. (Whichever ball is closer to the yellow ball gets the point.)

And some people cheered. This is Sandy cheering someone on. I didn't realize that bocce was a spectator sport!

So this just proves one thing.

If you plan it, (a party), they will come.

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