Okay, Now I'm Getting Mad!

Some things have been pissing me off lately, and I just wanted to vent.

My 2 year contract was up on my cell phone, so I could upgrade to a newer phone if I wanted to.

I wanted.

So Jim and I went to an electronics store so I could pick out a new phone.

According to Jim, some restrictions applied. I had to choose a phone that:

a) didn't include a data plan,
b) didn't cost any additional money, and
c) wasn't an i-Phone. (Even though that's what I wanted, but the monthly cost was high, as was the additional cost.)

So my options were limited to about 5 phones. When the phones aren't in operational mode, it's hard to chose one, you know? But I finally picked one out, and after some time we were on our way.

Three weeks into using the phone and I've bee experiencing some problems. People tell me that I sound like I'm calling from a tunnel, that my voice sounds "tinney", and that I'm far away. Well, although I live in an aluminum trailer/"candominium", and outside of Phoenix, Arizona, I don't think this constitutes being far away from my family in IL and causing the "tin" sound to my voice.

So we took the phone back.

Stood in line for a few minutes. Got to the register and stood there for a little bit. Explained the problem and returned the phone. Got somebody from the phone department to help us. His name was Sean. Helpful, nerdy, almost crossing the line to being a dork. But nice.

Sean explained that this particular phone that I had purchased had been reported to having the same problems I experienced.

Huh. Imagine that.

So I hemmed and hawed and meeny-miney-moed and finally picked another phone.

Sean called the phone company to make sure there were no hidden monthly charges - NO - and we were good to go.

We stood at the register while Sean tried to kid around with his fellow co-workers - AWKWARD - and ring up our phone.


When Sean scanned the phone, a $20 monthly "texting" fee came up.

Say what?

So good ole Sean called back the phone rep and told him that he was WRONG. That indeed there WAS an extra monthly charge on this particular phone.


So back to the drawing board. We said "forget-about-it" and walked back to the line of phones.

By this time I was pretty glassy-eyed because we had been in the store about 1 1/2 hours! All the phones were looking alike.

Sean called the phone rep again and found out this interesting tidbit. It seems that AT&T is now charging a $20 monthly texting fee on 99% of their phones, WHETHER YOU TEXT OR NOT, to "help" out the customer.

This REALLY pisses me off.

Yeah, I understand if a person texts a lot, this can save them money.

But what about someone like me, who texts maybe  4 times a YEAR? $240/year for texting that you DON'T do?

Wouldn't YOU be mad?

Why not let the customer decide if they want that option?

So here's what Sean suggested.

Because I got my original phone BEFORE this new policy went into effect, he told me to get my old tinney sounding phone back. Hold it for the 30 days, then bring it back to an AT & T store. Since this phone had problems of this nature before, AT&T will handle it. They may give me a temporary phone and send my phone out to be repaired.

I just want a phone that works. That I don't have to pay unfair monthly fees. Is that asking too much?

I guess so.

Anyway, Jim and I went back to the Return section, got back my phone, and walked out of the store 2 wasted hours later.

I hope this plan works because my phone is my lifeline, like my right arm.


Have you noticed in the last few years when you go to buy things that they come in smaller packages but the price is still the same?

The latest scam is pop, soda, whatever you call it in your neck of the woods.

It used to come in a case of 24 cans.


20 cans.

For the same price.

photo courtesy of http://www.graphicdesignhero.com/blog

The nerve!

This REALLY pisses me off!

I love Diet Dr. Pepper. I've been trying to wean myself off of it and drink more ice tea and water, but it sure tastes good!
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