World's Largest or Almost

Traveling around the United States,we sure get to see some big things.

I mean really big things.

Like "World's Largest".

Take, for instance, this World's Largest Frying Pan, in Long Beach, Washington.

Which would go well with the World's Largest Fork, found outside of an office building in Springfield, Missouri.

We stopped in Carefree, Arizona to see the World's Largest Sundial. And believe me, they get a LOT of sun in Arizona!

Another interesting site was the crater a meteor left after crashing to the earth 50,000 years ago outside of Winslow, Arizona. I don't know if it's the World's Largest or not, but it's pretty whopping big!

This is looking down into the crater.

To give you perspective of exactly how LARGE the hole is, I zoomed in on that small white area at the bottom of the hole. There is a picture of a 6 ft tall astronaut attached to the fence next to an American flag.

Driving through Lincoln, Illinois we found the World's Largest Covered Wagon.

You've seen me post this cross before, located in Groom, Texas. It's actually the second largest in the United States, the first being in Effingham, IL.

Fountain Hills, Arizona boasts the World's Tallest Fountain, at 560 ft. (Although now East St. Louis, IL claims to have one that shoots up to 630 ft!)

The following photos aren't the World's Largest anything, but just huge displays of something!

This cow could be seen far down the highway. Now that's a lotta beef! Those are similar to street lights next to the cow!

One time we exited the highway to get some gas. This was in the open field across from the gas station.

Quite a sight to see. Here's a different perspective. Like you're sitting on the park bench in the middle of nowhere, possible waiting for a bus to come along, when what should happen to appear but a couple of dinosaurs!

I'm sure I've missed some of the World's Largest that we have seen. These were just off the top of my head. I'm sure there will be a future installment!
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