Fun at the Big 5

Last weekend my friend Judy and her husband, Bob, were running up to the Big 5 Sporting Goods store to pick up something they had ordered. My other friend Kathy and I went along for the ride.

As soon as we entered into the store, Judy and Bob went off on their own, and Kathy and I wandered around. We marveled at all the snow equipment on display such as sleds, skis, jackets, etc., since the nearest snow was at LEAST 2 1/2 hours away in Flagstaff.

A little further in the store I stumbled upon this.

Have you ever seen one before? I had just happened to see a commercial for one of these that morning. I thought, "Huh, how hard can this be?" So I hopped right on that puppy.

Apparently it's pretty hard.

'Cause I didn't even MOVE.

Both Kathy and I were splitting a gut, and I have to admit, I almost wet myself.

"Okay, YOU try it!" I said to Kathy.

So she assumed the position on the machine and....didn't move either.

Well, that just set us off into another round of laughter. I decided to give her a "shove" to get her started. I shoved her to the right and she went up a little and came back down (gravity was working for her). As I was shoving her a few more times, a man walked by, saw us and busted out laughing.

He said, "Yeah, that's the way to do it! Then you both get a work out!"

We soon tired of that machine and continued on.

We browsed through the shoes on clearance and understood why they were marked down.

Then we came across this HUGE camping chair. It had 6 drink holders; 3 on each arm. I don't think this picture does it justice because it's a little blurry; Kathy was trying to figure out how to take a picture with my phone. I had just gotten my phone so I was not much help to her.

I felt like Lily Tomlin when she played "Edith Ann" on Laugh-in.

After a few more giggles and snorts, we moved on to another section with all kinds of weird things like this for instance.

Here's a close up of the small print at the bottom of the box.

"When you finally get serious". About what? Giving "wedgies"? What the heck IS this device anyway?

This is a weighted vest. I suppose it could add to a person's workout.

But I'm thinking that one of my distant relatives probably used it for a completely different reason and slipped it on a "rat", along with some nice looking cement shoes, dumped him in the river somewhere and said, "Forget-about-it!"

Kathy shows off a new way we can carry our margaritas to the pool!

We finally caught up with Judy and told her all the fun we had been having. She wanted to get in on the action so we brought her back to the ab machine and she took a whirl on it. At least she was able to move the dang thing!

Nearby was a display of hula-hoops. Judy just couldn't resist those....she HAD to try one!

But we were appalled at the price! $19.95 each! Remember growing up how cheap they were?

Who knew it could be so much fun at a sporting goods store?

Right before we left, I spotted a sign hanging in the back that read, "Video Taping in Process".


Boy were THEY going to have a good laugh that night reviewing those tapes watching three old ladies acting like a bunch of goofs in their store!

C'est la vie!
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