Sister Wives? Not in my marriage!

Do you think you could share your husband?

With two or more other women?

Who are also his wives?

That’s exactly what is happening on the new TLC reality show, “Sister Wives”.

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I admit, I’m a fan of Big Love, the HBO show, a FICTION show, about polygamy in the Mormon religion, set in Utah.

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But “Sister Wives” is REAL.

It premiered last Sunday night. Even though I’m not a big reality TV watcher, my curiosity got the best of me. I tuned in.

Here’s my take on the situation.

From the outside, the house just looks like one huge home, but really it is three separate homes that are connected. So the women have their own living space but can easily move from “home” to “home” without going outside.

The Sister Wives truly look like they get along and love each other. I can understand this IF YOU REMOVE THE HUSBAND FACTOR. Women can live together peacefully, doing things together. But honestly, how can they get past the jealous factor of sharing their husband? He divides the evenings amongst the wives - 3 nights with #1, 3 nights with #2, etc. On the plus side, the women have 4 nights a week to do what they want, but seriously, knowing your husband is literally screwing your neighbor? That’s hard to handle. For me, at least.

Husband (Kody) married wife #1 - Meri - 20 years ago. They have one child.
Then he married wife #2 - Janelle - 17 years ago. They have 6 children ranging from 5 years to 15 years.

THEN he married wife #3 - Christine - 16 years ago. They have 5 children ranging from 6 years to 14 years, with one on the way.

Truthfully the husband just struck me the wrong way. I didn’t like ONE THING about him.


And now? He’s COURTING another woman!


Exactly when does he have time to do this?

Did I mention that the girlfriend has 3 children from a previous marriage?

The show ends with the whole family sitting down together and Kody telling the kids that there is going to be a new woman in their life. Wife #3 explains that the woman will not be their new mommy just yet. Then it shows Kody and the "new woman", Robyn, out on a date. Kody makes a remark that "wives are comfortable with another wife; they are NOT comfortable with a girlfriend." So I guess he has to hurry up in the process of proposing.

I am NOT knocking the Mormon faith. But Polygamy stems from Fundamentalist Mormons who have broken off from the Mormons. Supposedly, the more wives and children you have, the better off you will be in heaven.

I try to respect all religions, but I'm sorry. I  am having a hard time believing in this. I just find polygamy an excuse for men to cheat on their wives. Period.

I wonder if it would be okay if the tables were turned and if the women could have several husbands?

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