Monday's Musings

The weather here in Northern Illinois has just been gorgeous these past few days. Sunny and mild with temps in the low 70's and a slight breeze. Some trees are slipping on their fall colors while others are discarding their leaves like yesterday's news.

Living in a trailer can get bizarre (for many reasons) but it can get quite cool in the evening in the fall (down in the high 40's or low 50's) and the trailer doesn't hold the heat of the day. So we have to switch the furnace on just to take the chill off. But the daytime can still get pretty warm and it's tempting to switch over to the a/c. Is that wrong to go from one end of the spectrum to the other in one day? I think it is, so I sit and sweat. Crazy, I know.

The other day Jim and I climbed into the truck and I said, "Hey, will you look at that! Doesn't that bird crap look like a bird?" (Referring to the blob splashed on our windshield.)

"What?" Jim said.

I know he heard me the first time, but he just wanted me to repeat it because I'm sure he didn't BELIEVE what I said.

"I SAID, doesn't that bird crap look just like a bird! I swear! Look!"

"I guess so," he answered not too convinced.

"Stop the truck! My camera is in the back!"

He let out  a big sigh, but did my bidding. I jumped out, ran around the truck to grab my camera, and jumped back in. Luckily we weren't at a red light, but at a side street, or people would think we were doing a "Chinese fire drill" or something.

So here's the photo of the birdcrap bird.

This is truly an unaltered photo. I just cropped it and put a border on it. I DID NOTHING to the shape. You can see the dirty windshield. Now I ask you, does that not look like a bird? If you aren't convinced, here is the second photo that I drew in little legs and gave the birdy an eye.

What I want to know, is this Life imitating Art, or Art imitating Life?

By the time we got home, the sun had set and a sliver of the moon was hanging in the sky with Venus standing nearby. 

Night falls in the country.

Here's the sliver of the moon. You can see exactly how bright the sun's reflection is on the moon, and the outline of the complete moon behind the bright crescent.

That's all my ramblings for today. Ta ta for now.
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