Watery Wednesday

This week's Watery Wednesday is from an hour long round trip boat ride that we took on the I & M Canal in La Salle, Illinois last month, that was pulled by a mule. I apologize ahead of time to my visitors from Watery Wednesday for the lengthy post. I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone here!

Here's the mule pulling the boat.

Here's a picture of the lock doors that are no longer in use.

The tour guide was very eccentric and both dressed and acted the part of a person who worked on the canal back in the 1800's. He had some interesting and funny stories to tell.

The mule only pulled the boat one way; an engine propelled the boat back down the canal. Here's the captain steering the boat.

Looking back down the canal.

This one passenger really looked the part of a woman from the past.

At the visitor's center, there were cute tables and chairs set up outside and inside.

There was a snack bar available, and a sit down restaurant. Also a neat little gift shop with lots of goodies. Here are a few of them:

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the I & M Canal!
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