Murder and Mayhem in Mesa?

We are all settled on our spot in Val Vista Village located in Mesa, Arizona. The good news is - the trailer was fixed within a couple of hours - bad new is - it wasn't covered under the 10 year warranty plan. I just wonder exactly what IS covered under that darn plan. Oh well, it was under a couple hundred bucks so for that I'm grateful.

I saw a man leaning against the building, smoking when we pulled up to pick up the trailer. I sat in the truck while Jim went in to pay the bill and take care of the paper work. Jim had backed our truck up so it would be easy to hook up to our trailer, so I couldn't see the man standing there anymore. Just then a nice car pulled up (I'm not good at identifying makes and models of cars), and sat there idling for awhile with the a/c on and the radio playing. Finally, the car turned off and a man came out, dressed in expensive slacks, dress shirt, and tie. I'd say he was in his mid-to late 50's. He walked towards the building and I didn't think anything more of it. That is, until I heard him say, "Oh, THERE you are! I was waiting for you out front here!" I turned and saw the guy who had been leaning on the building walk over to the dressed up guy.

Together they walked over to the car. Smoking guy was carrying a RIFLE and a BOX of HEFTY GARBAGE BAGS. The big black bags. He opened the back car door and laid the rifle on the back seat and threw the bags in, shut the door, then climbed into the front passenger seat. Dressy guy got behind the wheel and they took off. Now. What could that possibly have been about? My mind was reeling. What was smoking guy going to kill? Expensive guy's wife? And then they were going to cut her up in pieces and put her in a garbage bag and haul her away? Or have I just been reading too many of Otin's stories? Maybe expensive guy just had a problem with a pesky animal - like a rat, raccoon, or something. But then why wouldn't he just have called a service to do that. And by the looks of how expensive guy dressed compared to the other guy, let's just say that they probably didn't hang around in the same social circle. So that leaves me thinking that I probably should have taken down the guy's license plate number. I haven't read the paper today to see if there was any body found in a garbage bag. Hmmmmm......What do you think? Is my imagination just running wild or what?

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