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I woke up this morning with my head feeling like the size of a hot air balloon. I know we're going to the fiesta, but c'mon, I don't have to FEEL the part! Remember when I was away dog sitting, and Jim was alone and sick? When I got back home, it was only a few days before I started feeling sick. Yeah, he decided to share his germs with me. Wasn't that nice?

So Jim's grunting and groaning (and not in a GOOD SENSE since I'm across the room from him), every time he moves from the pain in his back, and I'm sneezing and blowing my nose. We're a fun couple to be around today. I hope Kathy doesn't catch my cold.

Since the weather has turned colder, I noticed that we have an awful lot of flies in the trailer. In fact, when we got to Missouri yesterday, I counted 8 freakin' flies in the family room! I let two out of the door. I wonder if those Illinoian flies will wonder where the heck they are now that we're in Missouri? Do they know they're in a different place? We also have a couple of small moths and I saw a lady bug, too. Crikey! I told Jim this morning as a moth flew by my head while I was getting the cereal box down that I feel like I'm in one of those butterfly exhibits. You know where you walk into a large room and the butterflies are free to fly all over the place? How nice. Yeah. Scratch that. Picture flies, moths, and ladybugs. Oh my. Jim keeps saying we need to get a bug vacuum.

I'm seeing the need, folks. I'm seeing the need. Especially cause I step in the shower and what do I see? A moth in my skylight (on the inside) looking down at me. His antennae were wiggling like they were his eyebrows and he was ogling my naked body, or he was wagging them at me and saying, "Na-nee-na-nee-boo-boo" because he was still alive. But not for long. I found my sticking place and screwed my courage there (and it didn't hurt a bit, not one bit), grabbed a kleenex, and killed the bastard. Yes!

Before I go on, I just want to take the time to "pat" myself on the back and make a note that yesterday's post was my 100th! Whoo-hoo! I didn't realize it at first, because I always have a bunch of draft posts that I work on, so the numbers are deceiving. In fact, right now it says I have 112, when this is actually my 101st. So, anyway, I'd stand up and take a bow, but that means I'd have to get up off of my bed, and I'm too lazy to move the whole setup I have here with the lap tray and the computer on top of THAT across my stretched out legs, with my head propped up on pillows. So, YAWN, I'll try to stay awake and finish this post. SNORE! OH! SORRY!

Kathy's husband, Drew, came down to introduce himself before we left this morning. We chatted for a few minutes. What a nice couple they are! I ran in to say a final goodbye to Kathy before we left the campground and thanked her for the delicious apple cake. I got to meet her cute ugly dog Wall-E who's got a face only a, a, well, SOMEONE could love. No, really, he's kind of cute in an odd sense.

I was happy to see the sun shining today.

It was very windy and I'm sure our gas mileage was affected. Not that we get great gas mileage - on a good day, going down hill, with the wind behind us, not pulling the trailer, we MAY get 7 miles per gallon. LOL! It was so windy that I saw something blow in front of the truck, coming at our window. I thought it was a bird! And it was only this leaf:

Clinging on for dear life. Speaking of birds, I kept noticing these black dots on the back of highway signs and wondered what they were till we got closer. I realized that they were birds. I assume they were sitting there to get the warmth of the sun. This photo isn't that clear, but you get the gist as to the number of birds sitting on the back of the sign.

I laughed out loud when I saw this water tower.

Is it me or does this look like overkill with the tall legs and the little tank on top? It looks like a baby daddy long leg spider. Wait. Is that an oxymoron? Baby daddy? What do you call a baby daddy long legged spider? Seriously? Daddy in training? You've seen one, I'm sure. As my sister-in-law, Dorie, would say, Holy O'for the cripes sake! I tried to find a picture of a daddy long legged spider and guess what? They are really called harvestmen! Who knew? Harvestmen are arachnids, but they are not spiders. Harvestmen have one body section (spiders have two), two eyes on a little bump (most spiders have eight), a segmented abdomen (unsegmented in spiders), no silk, no venom, a totally different respiratory system, and many other differences; not all have long legs.

OH! The things you learn from my blog!

We saw a few funny things on the road today. Here's the first thing:

Although the sign read, "Open 8:30-5:00", there wasn't any evidence of anyone around. We had driven by around 10:30 a.m.

I thought it was particularly funny that this sign......

was right across the highway from this sign:

We stopped for gas somewhere in Kansas and I saw this brightly painted bus with the peace sign on it. And in front of it AND behind it were two gray buses that said, "Nites Prison".

First I thought it was ironic that a "Peace" bus would be following a prisoner bus. Then I was surprised to see the prisoner bus pull into a Wendy's parking lot. Hmmm.....The Peace bus turned in after them. I did a little research when we stopped tonight and found out that they are party buses from Kansas City. Whew! I feel a whole lot better.

I spied this young guy walking alongside the frontage road with his backpack and guitar strung along his back. He appeared young and carefree.

And finally, here's a bridge over the Missouri River, and the Missouri River as seen on a sunny day.

If you looked up the word rambling in the dictionary, you would find this post.

Sorry. Good night. Tomorrow on to Liberal, Kansas. I just may go braless. Oh, wait. People may think I have swollen knees.
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