Laundry, birds, and hemorrhoids, oh my

We were happy to stay put for the next four days. We were at a campground in Carrollton, Texas, just outside of Dallas. The first spot they tried to put us in didn't work because it had a big hump in it. As we were backing in, the rear of our trailer scraped the driveway. There was NO WAY we could do it. So we called up to the office and they told us to go to the spot a few sites down. That one was flatter, but we were still close to neighbors, REALCLOSE.

Friday we just ran some errands, got a feel for the place. We did our laundry at a place who must have got a discount from the sign place because it was hung upside down!

The boat-tailed grackles were all over the campground and I love their high calls and whistles. They just make me laugh. I don't care if they are common birds and a nuisance.

Saw this hemorrhoid sign along the highway and just had to snap a picture. I've seen a lot of take offs from the "Got Milk" campaign, but this one takes the cake.
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