Are we there yet?

Day three on the road and it's already getting old :( We stayed in Marengo for just about 6 months, that's the longest we have parked anywhere. Now we're driving each day and stopping each night to get to Dallas for the weekend. Normally we stop for a couple of days. We really don't drive too far - anywhere between 200-300 miles in a day. But in the truck that's enough. Jim doesn't like to put the pedal to the metal - he tries to get better gas mileage. He's so proud if he can get around 7 mpg. Whoopee! He said that he notices when I drive,the gas mileage always goes down. I wonder why? I don't pull the trailer, but I drive the truck on its own. I love driving the truck.

Have you seen those rubber testicles they sell that hang from the back of the truck, usually from the hitch? They are pretty obscene looking. I told Jim about them and he said we'd have to buy a really big set of them for our honking truck. I believe, since I drive the truck, too, that we'd have to buy a set of boobs to put on the front grill to let everyone know I'm coming.

Anyhoo, we pulled in Tulsa, OK late afternoon, tired, and hungry. We set up, didn't leave the campground. Just ate and tucked in for the evening.

They did have a beautiful sculpture of an Indian Chief, Squaw and baby that had been carved with a chainsaw in an old cottonwood tree that had been struck by lightening. It took the carver two days to finish this piece of art.
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