Gobble, gobble or is it peep, peep?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are now in McNeal, Arizona, which is right outside of Bisbee, which is just south of Tombstone, and way southeast of Phoenix. Whew! Clear as mud? Let's just say this...We're pretty close to the Mexican border. We pulled in here yesterday. We are staying here through the weekend and then we'll make our way up to Mesa where we'll park our trailer for the winter for 4 months.

We had a little rain last night and this morning, so the clouds were hanging around. Big, white, puffy clouds, along with dark ones , once in awhile. I decided to take the camera out and try to get a few shots. It was really beautiful out. There are mountain ranges on three sides of us. I will have to look them up to find out their names. As I was wandering around, I discovered that the campground has three horses, a mule, and one longhorn cow. The horses let me pet them; two of the three tolerated a few pats then went on their way. The first one started to walk away, and as I was taking pictures, he lifted his tail and started pooping. Great! An action shot! I turned my back to give him some privacy, and the next horse came trotting over. Again, just a few pats then he walked away. All of a sudden he lifted his tail a little and I heard this rush of air and I thought to myself, "Did he just fart?" No sooner did I think that and then he, too, started pooping in the EXACT spot as the other one! Are horses like dogs and they have to go in the same spot if they smell it? The third horse was a smaller one, and I think female, (I didn't look). She was just begging for attention. I patted her face, scratched her ears. Then she turned her whole body against the fence and I scratched her side. She just loved it. She put her whole head on my shoulder, or her face on my chest. I'm going to have to ask the owners if I can feed the horses apples or carrots. I think the horses stay outside year round because I didn't see a barn. They didn't look too well taken care of; I mean they certainly aren't brushed every day.

Today is the big TURKEY day. I hope you all ate till your tummies were full, took a nice nap on the couch, and that the kitchen fairies flew down and did all the dishes while you were sleeping. Oh, wait, I WAS dreaming....

We didn't eat turkey. I made Cornish hens. They're like little turkeys who didn't reach their full potential. Who said "Size Matters"? I just think they are so cute looking and I get my own little turkey all to myself. I also whipped up some wild rice and steamed some fresh green beans and called it a day. Oh wait, Jim and I did have a toast with rum spiked eggnog and I DID have a pumpkin spice candle burning for some ambiance so I gotta get some points for trying here. Although I lose some for having a store bought pie instead of making one.
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