Last Party of the Season

In keeping with the "Cowboy Week" theme last week, the music in the courtyard was a singing cowboy. It was our last party of the season, AND the park provided free wine and beer, so you know a good time was had by all!

The courtyard was decorated with western items such as stuffed animal horses, cowboy hats, red kerchiefs, bales of hay, etc.

We couldn't resist this cutout of a cowgirl.

Those photos made me laugh because we all look like little kids that don't want our pictures taken! We actually are squinting because of the sun.

Lenore found a tall, dark stranger to hook up with. Too bad he was made out of cardboard.

The main event, of course, was the singing cowboy, who rode in ON HIS HORSE!

He had a pretty good voice and sang all the old western songs. His horse, Dusty, was very well behaved, considering how hot it was that day, AND the number of people so close by. Look how crowded it was in the courtyard.

The singer said that we could pet the horse on his neck. I went up there to pet him; the horse turned his head around and nibbled me on my boob! The cowboy quipped, "As you can see, he is NOT a LEG MAN!"

Me, still smiling even after the nibble!
Some crazy cowboys!

Our Activities Director, Camille, some of her staff, and some volunteers dressed up as saloon girls. (Yes, that's John Wayne in the background!)

During the break, Camille asked trivia questions about western TV shows. I won a T-shirt! Some of the prizes were plastic Sheriff stars.

After the courtyard we went to our friends Rachel and Don for a party. Good food, good times, good friends.

Where, by the way, I think I might have been the "star" of the show! *wink*

Side note: We are on the road, traveling each today. I have lots of photos to post and have to bring you up to date!
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